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Ecstatic Dance

Posted by Bob on October 1, 2013 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Long ago, when tribal people danced, it wasn't with precisely learned steps but rather the music or drumming moved the dancers to dance ecstatically. As humans became more "civilized", rules were made and had to be followed. Dance became a performance.


Dance started to regain some of its ecstatic nature with the advent of rock and roll. The hippies of the sixties promoted "do your own thing", and this was reflected in the music of the day as people ignored the rules and started to dance in ways that just felt good. Nevertheless, there were still some restrictions when dancing to rock-and-roll; you may have been doing your own thing, but you were still doing it to the music, still trying to look good. Ecstatic dance takes it another level up and returns to what was lost in our tribal roots. It's not about looking good with ecstatic dance; it's about "dance ugly and drool". It's about being so deeply into the dance that you're only aware of others as some vague vibrations while your movements are guided by what's deep within instead of by what your conscious mind thinks would look good.


There have been other examples throughout history to regain our tribal roots in dance. One of the more interesting was a supposed medical condition, common in the 16th and 17th centuries in southern Italy, called tarantism. Tarantism was presumed to be caused by the bite of a tarantula (or more likely a type of wolf spider as true tarantulas don't actually live in southern Italy) and for some reason young women seemed to be particularly susceptible to being bitten. Once envenomated, the only cure was to dance wildly until the toxin was sweated out of the body. When it became known that a victim had been bitten, the townspeople would grab their musical instruments and start playing the frantic music, helping the poor girl to fall under the spell of the music and dance out the venom and thus save her life. Supposedly a particular kind of dance, called the tarentella, evolved from this therapy, but at its roots this was an ecstatic dance and often included ripping off one's clothing and dancing naked in the frenzied dancing delirium. It is now known that no spiders were ever actually to blame for this condition. Rather, the guise of emergency therapy for bite victims was likely the only socially acceptable outlet for wild ecstatic dancing in an increasingly suppressive culture. The trouble was that you only got to express yourself in this way once or at best a few times in your life, for if it became more frequent than that you would likely arouse suspicion that just maybe you actually enjoyed this sort of thing, and there would go your reputation.


The Causal Nexus

Posted by Bob on February 20, 2013 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (3)

Last week at dance I had had a revelation that I was excited about. I shared it with Sam after dance and she thought it was cool, too. I looked forward to writing it all down. But by the time I finally got around to writing it, I couldn't remember what it was. I asked Sam and she couldn't remember, either. I struggled for days trying to remember but could not - it was very frustrating!


Then at dance on 2/17 I was moving around the room casting the sphere, and when I got to the West alter it all suddenly came back to me, full and complete. I was elated, and shouted out in my mind "Thank you!" to the Universe. At the precise moment I did so, I looked down at the sharing book on the alter and saw the last entry someone had scrawled in large block letters; it said "Thank you!". It really brought home to me how everything we perceive around us is all just a reflection of what is going on within us, and my gratefulness was just being reflected in the book. I had essentially created that entry in that moment. Elated, I continued on around the circle, and thought to myself "I should really write down that insight before I lose it again". As I thought this, I came upon the art table and there in front of me was colored pencils and squares of paper - manifested in that moment to provide exactly what I wanted! More confirmation of how my universe is all just a reflection of me.


The revelation that I had and lost and regained was that of the causal nexus, represented by a vision of an interwoven network of fibers in an intricate pattern that feeds back upon itself. Allow me to explain.


Whenever you observe anyone or anything, you collapse the waveform of all the possible ways that person or thing can be into one solid object. This may seem as though the observer has a special place in the universe, the only one with permanent existence, with everybody else flitting in and out of existence as they are observed or not observed, but bear with me and we will see that this is not so.


Let's say we observe someone, and in that moment they are in a particular place, looking and acting a particular way. When we stop observing them, we no longer know how they are acting, which way they are moving, etc. In fact, from our perspective at least, when we stop observing them, they move in all directions (or at least all possible directions - left or right, say, but never straight up) and act in all possible ways (angry or happy, say, but never in ways inconsistent with their personality). Their existence (again, from our perspective, not theirs) becomes fuzzy, shifting from a point of certainty to an expanding ball of possibility. And if we then observe them again, we again collapse that ball into a point. Repeating this process produces an existence that looks like pearls on a string, with the string portions, or the nodes between the pearls, representing their collapsed state that is defined by your observation, the smaller pearls representing those moments when you look away for a short period of time, and the larger pearls representing those times when you look away for longer periods of time.


As someone comes repeatedly in and out of your life, you repeatedly define their existence - not all of their existence, but enough points along the string to define a general trend. You also limit the fuzzy portions of their existence - observing someone to the right of where you last observed them eliminates those paths where they turned left, but not the several different rightward paths that could have lead them to their current location. This string of pearls eventually defines an existence pathway, more or less, that a consciousness (theirs) can travel along. But that consciousness is itself observing and defining other strings of pearls, which are themselves observing and defining even more, and many of these strings of pearls are in turn observing and defining your own particular string of pearls. From the outside, if we could look at all the strings defining each other, it would look like a massive meshwork consisting of many many tiny interwoven fibers that are upon closer inspection tiny bumpy strings of existence.


Any one of those strings, through the myriad of interconnections, ends up defining all of the others in the rope. Fully know one and you will fully know the whole rope, as a fractal pattern is defined and fully contained within each sub-portion. None of the strings, though, is any more special than any of the others; you are created and defined by others just as much as you create and define those around you.


Repeatedly observing someone else helps to solidify them into existence. Your story about that person influences how you see them. If each time you meet them you see them as being a certain way, you eventually solidify them into actually being an that way. As an example, if you see your wife as a bitch, you will tend to treat her as though she is a bitch, which will eventually piss her off to the point that she will probably start bitching at you. At the same time, if you see her as a loving person, you will likely interact with her in loving ways yourself which will generally tend to make her feel loving back.


Random people who briefly come into your life and then are never seen again don't have the repeated observations that help solidify them into existence (at least in your universe; they are undoubtedly solidified into other peoples' universes). Such people pop into and out of existence much like quantum particles and anti-particles pop into and out of existence in the quantum world, but have little impact on the overall meshwork.


As you solidify those around you, they themselves are also solidifying those around them, and will tend to create a network of people who have the characteristics you saw in those you created. And eventually all these people will end up creating you according to their expectations, completing the circuits and creating a self-stabilizing causal nexus. You can influence what kind of causal nexus you find yourself in, so if you want to find yourself in a loving causal nexus, see people as loving. On the other hand, if for some reason you want to live in a bitchy causal nexus, go ahead and see people at generally bitchy.

The Rules

Posted by Bob on April 8, 2011 at 5:57 PM Comments comments (3)

The last 3 Ages (Taurus, Aries, Pisces, spanning over 6000years) has been about following the rules, laws laid down from Authority themust be followed. Now we are entering the Age of Aquarius, and we are emerginginto a new paradigm. No longer will it be about following somebody else’srules; instead, we will look within to find our own authentic path. Eachindividual must learn to know themselves and find what is right and wrong forthem, which is a very individual path and therefore cannot be extended to orimposed upon anyone else. This is a harder path, for it requires being Conscious,requires doing The Work. It’s much easier to just follow a set of rules and nothave to think about it beyond that, but that is humanity’s childhood path, andit is now time to grow up and take responsibility for ourselves.




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