Sam and Bob

Ecstatic Dance with a Sam-and-Bob twist!

We offer two different ecstatic dances in Portland: our traditional dance, Naked Bliss, every first and third Thursdays in our home in SW Portland, and our erotic-focused ecstatic dance, Sensuocity, usually on the last Friday of the month.

Naked Bliss

Come find your freedom in dance, in a safe environment that supports exploring your deep layers and outermost edges! Allow yourself the luxury of experiencing ecstatic dance at the home of Bob and Sam in SW Portland every first and third Thursday. No need to RSVP, just show up at 6:45 for warm-up, intention circle at about 7:30. First-timers please arrive by 7:00 for orientation. Call 503-752-3415 for more information. Sliding scale $13-$18 (if you prefer to pay with trade or labor such as cleaning the floors before dance rather than with cash please talk to us ahead of time).

Ecstatic Dance is a dynamic meditation, guided by the use of specific rhythms (often utilizing the 5 Rhythms format developed by Gabrielle Roth) to lead the dancer on an inner journey to connect with Source and invite healing. Ecstatic dance is about moving in whatever way is authentic for you in the moment. Generally that looks like, well, dancing, but can also be expressed in other ways such as rolling on the floor and drooling, moving in a sexual/sensual manner, meditating quietly or weeping loudly. We hold space for all forms of expression without judgment. The only "rules" really are that there are no conversations on the dance floor, and to be open to letting people have their own experience. Ours is a smaller space that tends to foster more intimacy and connection. Our dance tends to be more sensual than most other dances; you can dance topless or even fully nude if that is what is authentic for you in that moment. After the dance, there is opportunity for everyone to share their experience with the group. Oftentimes after the closing circle we will continue the conversation in the hot tub (so be sure to bring a towel if that interests you). Also we encourage folks to bring a snack-luck for after dance socializing :D

Location: 2227 SW Primrose St., Portland 97219. However, Primrose Street does not actually go through to our house, despite what Navigation apps thinks, so navigate to our neighbor's address (9100 SW 23rd Drive) or follow the directions below.

Directions: Take I-5 exit 297, follow Terwilliger east to the third traffic light, right on Taylor's Ferry and go 1 mile to SW 23rd Drive on the right, follow one block to the dead end.

Sensuocity - an erotic ecstatic dance

A gathering to dance our deep authentic selves, including, but certainly not limited to, our sensual and erotic expressions...

Awakening our passions by allowing sensations and emotions to move through our bodies~

Come dance your whole being.

Through acceptance, respect and honoring of all ourselves and each other we create a safe, sacred and juicy space to connect, heal and be ecstatically free

Dance naked, sexy, raunchy, sultry... this is an open space to play with our erotic natures!


To Register: You must email Sam at our special event registration address (; do not send us a message through this website, call or try to register any other way. Once you have registered you are automatically on the waiting list. As this is a gender-balanced event, we may not be able to let everyone who registers in to the event. Once we know we have room and a gender balance for you, we will email you with directions to the location. If you register with another person to gender-balance you, you will get off the waiting list much sooner. This is also true for men if they are willing to sponsor (pay for) a woman for whom finances are limiting their ability to attend.

$20-30 sliding scale

please ask about trade or reduction if money is in your way of attending

Please bring a snack luck to share after the dance
Call Sam for more details 503-752-3415

A note about the clothing-optional and sensual nature of our dances:


Naked Bliss and Sensuocity are ecstatic dances that happen to be clothing-optional, rather than clothing-optional events that happen to be dances. In other words, the emphasis is on dance, not on getting naked. Our ecstatic dance is open to all forms of authentic expression: dancing wildly, dancing goofily, yelling out, weeping, sitting in the corner and meditating to the music, rolling on the floor and drooling, and yes, sometimes ripping off your clothes and dancing naked or expressing your sensual nature through your dance. We expect that participants respect and hold space for everybody's authentic expression, however that may look (as long as that expression does not impose on anyone else's expression). A typical dance may find half the men and women dancing topless, perhaps a couple of people dancing naked; these numbers often go up if the evening is warm, and it is not unusual on other evenings for nobody to be unclothed at our clothing-optional dance. Again, the emphasis is on dance, not on being naked.

People are also free to express their sensuality in our dances, especially at Sensuocity. As with nudity, it doesn't always happen and is not the focus of the dance, but when it does happen, we expect participation to consensual and respectful. We also expect people to take care of themselves and communicate their boundaries, and to inform us if another participant is not heeding such communication, not observing boundaries or being disrespectful. We want ours to be both a safe and open space for all who dance with us.



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